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Legal Outsourcing is a significant cost and time saving option that General Counsel of large and small companies as well as Law Firms of all sizes consider very closely these days. The LPO joint venture of Databazaar India - Ius Juris ( ) -  is a highly-trusted provider of Legal Outsourcing services to General Counsel and Law Firms in North America.Our reputation has been built on providing high-quality legal work product at very cost-effective rates.
We deliver up to 80% in cost savings to our clients, and present them with greater time for the more important and strategic matters facing them. We enable our clients to get much more done with much less.
By using our LPO services, your budgetary woes and resource limitations go away. Our in-house legal team is much better placed to have all its legal work accomplished in a high-quality manner and within budget. You will be able to surprise even the most demanding and cost-conscious CFO’s and CEO’s. You and your in-house legal team can spend your time attending to the more important and strategic legal work, greatly enhancing the visibility, importance, effectiveness and value of the legal department.

Our LPO division - Ius Juris,  can provide you with support in a number of legal practice areas, like:-

  • Patent application preparation and prosecution;
  • Contracts drafting, reviewing and management;
  • Litigation documents review (e.g. for relevance and privilege);
  • Corporate Secretarial support;
  • Legal Research; and
  • Various Document Services (e.g. summarization)

You can be assured of high quality legal work product from Ius Juris, simply because of who we are and how we operate. Client satisfaction is paramount to us. With that, we deliver significant cost savings. We also free up precious time for our clients for things that they would like to focus on or spend more time on. We ensure all these things happen through a combination of a number of things, some of which are:-

  • Under our “Dedicated Model”, we assign Ius Juris professionals who have been carefully chosen to suit our client’s specific needs. Our professionals will have the desired academic qualifications and experience to match the requirements of the client they will be engaged with They will also be provided with additional training necessary to ensure production of high-quality legal work product.
  • The Ius Juris Senior Management Team has over 15 years of legal experience each in various areas of the law, as well as having significant private practice and in-house experience, and in multiple jurisdictions and countries.
  • Our offices and delivery center are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management Systems) compliant, and certified by the British Standards Institute, which carries out continuing audits to ensure ongoing compliance to these stringent high-standard ISO certifications. Together with tight physical on-site and IT security, these measures provide our clients an enhanced and comprehensive secure and confidential environment for their work and information.
  • We have clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 Companies with large in-house legal departments to smaller companies with just one in-house attorney. We also represent medium to large-sized law firms.

We continue to receive positive reviews from our clients. Some of the feedback from our clients has been:

  • Ius Juris has “always been exceptionally receptive to our requests and needs. It has always been a pleasure to work with [them] on any matter.”
  • “I found [the Ius Juris personnel] to be an exceptionally intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable attorney who instantly grasped the complex legal issues involved in our particular area of law practice.”
  • “I was impressed by the quality of services [Ius Juris] was capable of providing as well as the cost savings this could present to our clients and potential clients.”
  • “I would highly recommend [Ius Juris] for any project…”

 To learn more about our LPO services, please visit or click the icon below to download our LPO brochure.

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